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BC Cutting Horse Association

 "BCCHA is"

One of Canada's most dynamic and exciting horse organizations with deep roots in Western ranching, tradition and culture!  BCCHA is a group of dedicated people aiming to improve the quality of Cutting Horse Competition, showing outstanding dedication and commitment to the Sport of Cutting.  BCCHA promotes events and enables the arena for showcasing the trained Cutting Horse and the rider's showmanship skills.  In competition, the cutting horse and rider must work together as a team in demonstrating their cattle handling skills.  They are a thrill a ride!  

BCCHA has maintained the tradition of showing, promoting, training and breeding of  the desirable cutting horse by hosting many competitions in British Columbia.

These competitions offer beginner to advanced riders a variety of classes in which to choose from, that give the participant a chance to enjoy and compete in an event with people at a similar training level and ability.  We have many family's that compete together.

Thus a horse and rider may compete in as many events as they are qualified to participate in.  Each year BCCHA hosts a number of competitions for cutting horse.

Our Association is affiliated with both the Canadian Cutting Horse Association and the National Cutting Horse Association, offering BCCHA Members an advanced competition level if they so choose.  Our goal for the 2013 season is to provide a combination of higher level large multi-approved cuttings along with a number of BCCHA jackpot cuttings. This way we can have something for everyone.



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